Ottawa Winter Tires and Wheels

Ottawa Wheels is the leading winter tires and rims selling company in Ottawa. We are dedicated to provide our valued customers with best deals on snow tires and wheels. Besides this we offer discounts on the installation and storage too. We have huge collection of tires from over 20 brands and work with renowned suppliers and manufacturers across the globe. Because of our strong professional relationships with manufacturing companies, we are able to provide our customers amazing discounts on snow tires and automotive accessories for winter season. We hold pride in offering the best seasonal sales, rebates, and discounts on top quality tires designed for extreme cold conditions of Canada. We have designed a special section for sales, deals, and special packages that can be visited for staying up to date with new offers and discounts. All our deals are subject to company’s terms and conditions. For any kinds of comments, queries, and questions, kindly contact our customer support representative. We understand how you feel at that terrible moment when you are on your way and all of a sudden you feel that you are in trouble due to the failure of tires of your vehicle or their bad performance leaves you stuck on a far-off track. Certainly those moments are embarrassing when you are alone on a desolate track covered with heavy snow. But you are not alone. We are with you at such hour of need. Our winter and snow wheels will take you out of any such plight as they are intended, planned, and designed to face and fight the severe cold and heavy snowfalls on Ottawa roads.

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Pirelli & Dunlop

Michelin & Hankook

June 2016 Deals

Summer & All Season Tires

Ottawa tires and rims is always committed to provide the best deals to its valued customers and our main agenda is to facilitate the residents of Ottawa with best quality products at most compatible rates. We launch special deals and sales on beginning of every season to let the people get the most appropriate tires for their vehicles to enjoy comfortable, safe, and smooth ride on the roads in all seasons. Besides offering top quality winter tires, we stock a huge collection of all-season and summer or performance tires from top-notch brands and manufacturers from around the world. Cooper, Goodrich, Yokohama, continental, and GT tires are the prominent brands we have in stock. Amazing deals and packages have been launched so that customers can get their favorite set of tires at much less rates as compared to the local market. Are you wondering about the most appropriate all-season and summer tires for your car at best affordable rates? Stop by our showroom or browse through our online gallery to order your set of tires at reasonable prices.

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Ottawa Wheels

Ottawa Wheels is the name of quality and high standards together as we have committed to serve our customer with super class tires for summer season. If you want to install new summer tires after passing the cold winter or want to replace your existing tires with the summer tires, we are the best option to visit and get what you desire. You can preserve your previous tires by replacing them and thus, can save your money for the coming season. Our skilful, cordial and cooperative staff will be pleased to serve you in the best possible way. A number of people are of the view that all-season tires are perfect for all weathers but one can get much safer when driving on winter tires. Getting the suitable pair of tires for your vehicle allow better control on snowy and slippery roads. Keep in mind that tires labeled as“mud and snow tires” are not safe for extreme cold conditions and should be avoided.

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Custom Racing Rims

We stock a huge collection replica rims that can be customized as per your requirements. With our unbeatable prices, matchless workmanship and the potential to handle the most complicated aspects pertaining to wheels and tires, we have always been the preference of the both private and commercial customers. Amazing discount rates, sales, and deals on the rims are also offered to the customers of Ottawa for upgrading the look and enhancing the performance of the vehicles. Extensive range of rims including chrome, aluminum and alloy rims are available to meet the requirement of the customers. The company never compromises on the product quality thus only superior collection of rims, wheels and tires is presented to the customers. If you are desperate to enhance the functionality, handling and look of your car then contact us today for upgrading your vehicle with sturdy and pretty rims at cost effective rates.

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